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Writing style that is conversational yet informative and precise ... and a creative vision that brings your message to life.


Kelly Woods Lynch has spent her career developing creative solutions for a wide variety of clients. With more than 20 years of experience in crafting successful and effective programming, Kelly has carved a skilled niche in communicating to a wide variety of consumer audiences. 


From her first job in the promotion department at SEVENTEEN Magazine through her nearly two decades as VP/Creative Services at JMH Education Marketing in New York, Kelly has made each client's "communications wish list" a reality.

Her messaging expertise can turn your marketing project into a communications success story... in print, online, or via multi-media.

In a Client's Words...

“Kelly is a high energy, creative professional who delivers what she promises on time and within budget. She was a dream to work with and her material and concepts still bring value to the organization... they were very powerful.”                              


Sandy Facinoli 

Chief, Prevention & Information 

US Fire Administration FEMA/DHS   


Kelly's expertise as a strategic copywriter includes a unique ability to carve out the key "must have messages" of a program or communications initiative... and present them in ways that excite and inspire. What begins as your marketing "need" becomes an effective and engaging reality.

  • She is particularly skilled at putting herself into the mind of your target audience... and as a result, constructing efficient and effective copy that drives your messages home.

  • Once written, your words can be transformed into a wide range of online and offline media.

Recent Awards & Affiliations
  • USDA Group Honor Award

  • FDA Communications Award

  • APEX Marketing Award

  • Founding Chair/Communications & Marketing Advisory Council, Gettysburg College

  • United Way of Adams County Mentorship Program

  • Association of Educational Publishers

  • American Independent Writers

  • Mela-No-More Kentucky Derby Event Board in support of Melanoma Research Foundation

  • American Heart Association volunteer

  • NJ Hurricane Sandy Relief volunteer

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